Yeah, Virgo Sun really pays off sometimes … and sometimes not.

For example: Job interview at Poseidon? Jit-ters! Think butterflies flirting under my ribs.

I guess there was more riding on that interview than I’d realised.

So, go me, I spouted off a running commentary all the way down the stairs, which is something I do when I’m nervous.

‘You know, for a new club, you guys have some public liability issues to sort out. These stairs, for one, are set too steep and narrow. The ceiling’s too low, and I don’t know how you manage the line-up outside.’ I remember my words came out staccato, punctuated by each step as we went lower and lower into the heart of the building. ‘Not very well lit, either. No beading light?’

Yeah, stress lets loose my inner critic. I blame it on the Virgo sun.

But if I can ease up on the judgements, being born under a Virgo sun has it’s blessings  – it’s earthy, sensual, strong, able to categorize, discern, plan. Good for research, and my martial arts. I read somewhere that Virgos make the best kissers too.

Hmmm. Only one way to find out . . .