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Ava Sykes wants to put the past behind her … but some things just won’t die.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Undergraduate by day, bouncer by night, Ava Sykes works hard to build her life in New LA, a city experiencing the Aftermath of a seismic disaster. Her prospects improve until she stumbles upon an evil no sane person would want to confront. Suddenly, her life, her city and everyone she cares about is in danger. Pushed to the edge, Ava taps a power she never knew she had . . . and uses it.

That’s me, Ava Sykes. I’m just trying to make my way in New LA, a city recovering in the ‘Aftermath,’ the time after the Big One. Think California earthquake on roids. I study hard, train in MMA, and teach kids self-defense. Sure, I have a rare immune disorder and a stolen identity, but who doesn’t keep a few secrets these days?