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Ava Sykes wants to put the past behind her … but some things just won’t die.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Undergraduate by day, bouncer by night, Ava Sykes works hard to build her life in New LA, a city experiencing the Aftermath of a seismic disaster. Her prospects improve until she stumbles upon an evil no sane person would want to confront. Suddenly, her life, her city and everyone she cares about is in danger. Pushed to the edge, Ava taps a power she never knew she had . . . and uses it.

The Situation

Undergraduate by day, bouncer by night … That’s me, Ava Sykes. I’m just trying to make my way in New LA, a city recovering in the ‘Aftermath,’ the time after the Big One. Think California earthquake on roids. I study hard, train in MMA, and teach kids self-defense. Sure, I have a rare immune disorder and a stolen identity, but who doesn’t keep a few secrets these days?


I sensed Cate waiting for me, before I opened the door. I'd recognize her perfume anywhere. I also picked up the scent of green onions, mushrooms and basil along with a faint paper bag smell. [...]

The Stalker

I crouched behind a dumpster, covered in sweat, sucking in deep breaths. The stalker kept up the taunts, giving away his position. Could he be more confident? Gunfire ricocheted off the metal garbage bin. I [...]

New Los Angeles


The Aftermath. What a mess. The initial repair efforts deserved a medal. Having relief funding in the trillions helped. Who couldn’t make things as good as new, with that kind of backing? But fifteen years [...]

Student by Day

Ten a.m. came with the expected physical signs: burning eyes, stiff neck, headache. Oh, boy. My palms were sweating as I walked to the podium, footsteps echoing through the virtually empty UCLA lecture hall. That [...]

My Martial Arts Academy


Detective Rourk saved my life. He introduced me to Jujitsu when I was a teen. It  set me straight when I went a little wayward. A kid surviving the Aftermath, who wouldn’t have issues? Okay. [...]

Guys . . .

First, there's Tom. We dated my sophomore year and studied like hell in his student housing apartment, among other things. I still have a key. He’s never asked for it back. Like I said, we're [...]

“Rich in atmosphere, intrigue and action, and a heroine who just will not quit. Long Live Ava Sykes!”
Traci Harding - best selling author of Ancient Future


Dreams, ideas & musings . . .

Agony and Ecstasy – Kinks in the Writer’s Journey

The good news is, I've written another book; bad new, it threw me into massive grief. All part of the ups and downs of writing. [...]

Thoughts on Supermoons

Full Moon Times @23 Taurus November 14th, 2016 LA - Monday - 7:52 am NY - Monday - 10:52 am Lon - Monday - 3:52 [...]

7 Tips for Lingering Exes

I'm probably the last person to give out dating advice, but after a long rave with Cate last night, I gotta express. The upshot: Me: [...]

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