Project Description

First, there’s Tom. We dated my sophomore year and studied like hell in his student housing apartment, among other things. I still have a key. He’s never asked for it back. Like I said, we’re back to being good friends . . . which might be a problem at some point in the future. Not yet.

Then there’s Miguel Rossi, the ER Doc who looked after me post stalker-in-the-alley attack. Now he is an enigma. Claims to know more about my blood condition than I do. Yeah, right. He’s gorgeous though, and smells like the sea. Too bad he can’t be trusted.

Most recently I’ve met Daniel Bane, my new boss. He get’s Cate’s vote, but I have to watch myself. Three piece suit, links to the CDC, handsome, freaking mesmerizing . . . But what’s with the shades?

He’s got the allure, but I have rules, and I stick to them.