Monthly Archives: February 2015


The Big One

Image - Underwater Car by Gass77 I lived through the Big One, but not everyone in LA did. That quake was the mother of them [...]


Image: Elin Bogomolnik I'll admit, I like cats. They know how to fight, for starters. Jujitsu champions. They also know how to relax. Enjoy life. [...]

Fatal Flaws

Image: DNA Dreaming by Russell Kightley Fatal Flaws? Yeah. I'm studying medical science/premed at UCLA. Final term and the pressure is on. Mostly, I'm looking [...]

Virgo Sun

Yeah, Virgo Sun really pays off sometimes ... and sometimes not. For example: Job interview at Poseidon? Jit-ters! Think butterflies flirting under my ribs. I [...]

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